Wednesday, May 19, 2010

love, love, love

I love, love, love my internship.

One of the wonderful aspects is getting to see PD&PB every day!! We had a simply delightful lunch together today. I hope that becomes a repeat occurrence.

I love my desk (clearly, since I covertly snapped a photo today lol)

I love the building; I love the people; I love driving uptown in the morning (as long as I don't see a sea of red brake lights in front of me).

Summer 2010 = GREAT so far!!

Tonight is my first non-13 hour work day (no JCrew for me tonight!). It was great to hit the gym and watch far too many episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress."

Tomorrow is Thursday, which means it's almost Friday!! Which means I get to wear this new Anthro dress to a friend's graduation party!
I'm SO proud of Blaydes!! Friday will be the one evening I say "Go Tigers!" and supress my Tarheel pride =)

xoxo, E


  1. that dress is SUPER cute!!!! glad you are liking your internship!!

  2. Love the dress AND YOU! Best intern ever!