Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday's Wonderings...

Have I mentioned that I love my internship?
I also love my paying jobs... yes, plural... I've got to save up for the big-girl world!

However, there are not enough hours in my day for all the other things I love!
The work I'm doing for Momma and Papas (haha, kind of sounds like The Mama's and The Poppa's) gets pushed back to the weekends, and I dart from the internship to the Crew with a bit in between for a yummy dinner.

One major void in my life that I'm feeling right now is the gym. There is just no time!
I am used to working out seven days a week. Sometimes more than once a day.
The roomie used to joke that I was obsessed.
I just think of myself as a bit of a gym rat...

There has been a LOT of Chickfila in my life recently, no complaints here, but have you heard about the new spicy chicken sandwich? You can actually register online here for an exclusive tasting of the new sandwich for FREE. I definitely want to try it! I'll give up the "no fried foods" mentality for a day to taste the yummy-ness that Chickfila knows how to roll out.

Really excited to have lunch with CB today =) Going to check out her condo, the soon-to-be sewing room, and all of her fabulous Hems and Hers fabrics! Yay!!

It's Wednesday! Which means there are only two more "work days" this week. Glad there's a three-day weekend ahead, but it's yet to be determined whether or not I'll have to work at the Crew this weekend... OR if SATC2 and some work for the parents (with good $$) is on the agenda!

xoxo, E

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