Monday, May 24, 2010

Patience pays!!!

I have been looking for hooks for my long necklaces for SO long!
A friend of a friend had really cute hooks in her dorm that she found at Hobby Lobby. I have been looking for them for a few months now... no luck.

In my boredom yesterday, I surveyed Made by Girl. After clicking on one of the ads on her sidebar, I found Modern Chic Home. And guess what?! I found these:
Crown Hooks!!! AND they're affordable!!

And this...
How adorable would this memo board be on an office wall with some gorgeous black and white photos... or in the foyer to a first apartment?!

Ah, wishful thinking... too bad the finances are all going towards savings right now so that I can afford stuff for the big girl apt in December.

Okay, one more indulgent item... How cool would this chair be as a desk chair in an office?!
WAY out of the price range though!

Happy Monday! xoxo, E

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