Friday, May 28, 2010

The Morning Commute

The morning commute is an endless source of entertainment.

15 minutes makes all the difference.
Leaving my house at 8am means a 45 minute drive to work.
Leaving at 8:15 means a 30 minute drive to work (with the occasional detour if there is exceptional traffic)
Leaving at 8:25 means you'll arrive at work in the 20 minutes it takes to get from home to office at off-peak times.
... Interesting

A good CD is necessary when the radio decides to play "You're the One that I Want" (which should only be heard when watching the movie "Grease")
It's sad when you realize that the song you were singing along to is now over and you are singing the radio station's jingle as if it were a song.
You realize your music might be a bit too loud when the car next to you looks over with that look on their face that they are searching for where the mysterious music is coming from... or maybe I'm just paranoid that the lady in the green Honda was thinking that this morning.

I took driver's ed when I was 14 1/2. The only thing on my mind was "pass this class and get your learner's permit... then license."
I don't recall certain laws...
Can I change lanes in the middle of the intersection?
When a school bus has it's lights flashing, but the stop sign is not out yet, can I still pass by?
Where exactly does the speed limit change? When I can see the sign or when I reach the sign? (this is a bitter point for me, seeing as how my one and only speeding ticket was in a 25 zone, but I could see the 35 MPH sign!)

I have learned when to be in the right lane and when to be in the left.
Once I get towards uptown, I don't want to be in the left lane because when people are waiting to turn, that lane backs up.
I've developed the hypothesis that the designers for two stretches of my morning commute had NO idea the volume of traffic/traffic patterns that would come as Charlotte grew.

I'm so happy that it is Friday, and it's the LAST 15-hour work day (until Tuesday).
xoxo, E

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