Monday, November 30, 2009


I am a gadget girl... I get it from my papas... Check out the cool stuff I found this morning (thanks to TCSK)
Get your "foot in the door" with this chic doorstop!
You might not be able to find a hunky man, but you can find hub man! This is perfect for multiple USB plugs!!
Love this new gift site!!
Happy Monday! xoxo, E

Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm a turkey... who is trotting...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine was simply fabulous! The day started with the Turkey Trot in Charlotte. The weather conditions were foggy and cold, but I was determined to run the 8K.
I was SO nervous, but my goal was to finish, to run the entire thing, and to (hopefully) finish in 50 minutes.
Before we started the 8K, there was a 1 mile fun run... to try and stay warm, we cheered on the runners.
Luckily, we took some pictures pre-race (because I was not so cute after the run)
There were SO many people there!
Can you see me in the crowd?! Hehe
I didn't want to show any pics of me running, but I'm so proud that I finished, I had to include at least one.
I'm the purple blur!
My finish time: 44:39!! I beat my 50 minute goal... as well as my "dream goal" of 45 minutes!!

I've decided that we will NEVER drive on Runnymede Lane ever again... running those hills was the HARDEST thing I've ever had to do... we are boycotting the street!! Oh, and the last stretch of the race was a hill as well!! ahhh!!!!

After I finished, we drove to Raleigh for family Thanksgiving. It was so amazing. I ate way too much (especially, sweet potato casserole), but it was oh-so-fabulous!!

Momma and I got up at 4am this morning and did "legit" Black Friday shopping! We were at Target at 5am and got some GREAT deals!! I got $3 Chefmate appliances for my (future) apartment including: a toaster, a mini crockpot, and a sandwich maker. I also got a $15 blender, a $29 George Foreman grill, a $25 standup mixer, and some movies for $3.99 and $8.99. Wahoo!!!

I'm absolutely exhausted now, so I'll probably be lame and turn in early tonight. It's time to start a Christmas countdown: 27 DAYS!!!!

xoxo, E

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gobble, Gobble!!!

Happy, Happy Turkey Day!!

I'm off to run my Turkey Trot, then it's time for Family Thanksgiving!!
xoxo, E

picture courtesy of: Cupcakes Take the Cake

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shopaholic much?

I've had a few (thousand) Becky Bloomwood days... the main character in the "Confessions of a Shopaholic" books (and the movie adaptation by the same name).
These are days when the excitement and glitz of shopping completely overwhelm you, and you become completely enraptured by the experience...

I've had those days. Yet, I've never admitted the severity of these experiences... that is... until last night.

My friend Chelsey and I went out to dinner to catch up and after about an hour of updates and "omg! that's so exciting!" moments, we moved on to the topic of shopping and spending far too much money. We both have jobs (Chels is actually working two jobs and making pretty good money) and we both have shopping habits. Although, I must admit, listening to Chels talk made me feel MUCH better about my problem. Is that a sign of addiction? You downplay your own habits by highlighting the severity of other's? Hehe.

But ANYWAY, we got to talking and laughed until we cried at some of our stories. For instance, I told Chels that we have gotten to the point with my closet that the "skinny hangers" are a NECESSITY (as is the extension rack in my closet), otherwise I wouldn't have room for everything. I can barely open my dresser drawers, and I have two under the bed storage units. Chels has two closets full of clothes, as well as 4 racks at home. See! I'm not that bad! Hehe

My favorite part of the evening was the "when the credit card bill comes" conversation began. I told Chels that I will immediately go into panic mode and think "How in the world am I going to find X amount of dollars to pay off this bill?!" Sometimes I have to go crying to mom and dad and sometimes I give up eating. Kidding, but kinda serious. Chelsey and I discussed how we love to eat out, but sometimes it is simply necessary to eat a turkey sandwich at home. And when the bread runs out, you just eat the turkey!

My other favorite is when frugality is the method of coping. For instance, when my credit card bill enters the 3-digits I suddenly decide that the $1.08 redbox movie might not be a great idea this week. Or, I'll run my makeup brush around my bronzer container a few times to get those last specks of powder so I don't have to spend $20. But then, I decide to go to the mall and blow $40 on two necklaces. "They were on sale!" But that $20 powder (which I need more than the jewelry) was simply too much to endure. Chels is wanting to do a tanning package for $40 but thought she better not spend the money... so instead, she bought 2 pairs of boots. "I didn't think it was a good idea to spend $40, but for some reason it seemed logical to add another 0 on the end and spend $400!! What was I thinking?!"

Needless to say, by the end of dinner we decided that we should never go shopping again... and then we promptly made a date to go shopping during finals week! Hehe. I love girl nights!

Now it's time for an early flight to migrate East!! Look out parents! Here I come!! xoxo, E

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'd rather be in Carolina...

... and I will be in less than 24 hours!!! I cannot even wait to hop on a plane VERY early tomorrow morning and fly home!! 3:15 is going to come early tomorrow morning but it is so, So, SO very worth it!

In celebration of Thanksgiving, the roomie and I made lists of what we are thankful for. They reside on the back of our apartment door so that we can see them as we leave.
Speaking of leaving, the roomie leaves today to go home for Thanksgiving. I have probably seen her a total of 1 hour in the past 4 days. Granted, she was out of town for 2 1/2 of them, but still... Love you rooms!

It's going to be a pretty easy day. Working in the theatre for 2 hours to load all the equipment in for the Christmas show, a test in my Touring class, a short break, rehearsal for the Christmas show, dinner with Chels, then home to finish up packing and get a good nights rest (if I can contain my excitement)

"In my mind [and tomorrow in actuality!!], I'm gone to Carolina"

xoxo, E

Monday, November 23, 2009

Team Cobra - SUCCESS!

Your mission... should you accept... is to acquire the "it" item for kids this Christmas season. It's sold out in stores and online, and the projected re-stock date is February 2010.

So, this isn't exactly what Momma said when she called me, but it's the gist. We ended our conversation by saying, "Team Cobra is on the prowl." Don't even worry, I'm the best secret agent ever! I set my eyes on a prize and I go in for the kill! Okay, enough Charlie's Angels talk. Let's just say, I got incredibly lucky and found the last "it" item on the shelf.

I called Momma and said "O.M.G."
"Did you find it?!"
"Oh you bet I did!"
"You're the bestest daughter ever! You can make your Christmas list as long as you want!!"

So, in the spirit of my accomplishment... Here is the (newly) extended wish list:
New Uggs in either black or chocolate brown

This gorgeous pearl cluster necklace from J.Crew
A bracelet from the Crew to go along with my current pearl necklace obsession
I love this sweater, from J.Crew as well
And of course this chocolate brown puffy vest from J.Crew!
Oh, and just one more teeny, tiny, purchase...

Okay, well hopefully you've realized that this wish list is an exaggerated joke. Obviously, I would love these things for Christmas, but my true joy comes from spending time with my family. It also doesn't hurt that I know the parents have already done my Christmas shopping and they are excited! (I am too! I love surprises!!)

xoxo, E

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Simply Sublime!

Well, I went shopping yesterday and got some great deals at Gap! All the outerwear was 50% off and all sale items were an additional 40% off. Check out my wintery buys:

This is way cute! It doesn't look all that adorable in the pic, but trust me, it is. And it's SO comfortable. I'm thinking this will be my post-race, quick change, Thanksgiving top.
I snapped a pic in the dressing room of me in the other new Gap coat I got!!

Today was a movie day as well! I got an email with a promo code for a free redbox rental. I love, Love, LOVE renting from the redbox, and I love free rentals! There weren't any new release movies that I wanted to see so I started to browse the redbox selection. I came upon "The Accidental Husband" and remembered how much I wanted to see it! It was SO good!!

This week is going to be great! And I get to start packing for home tomorrow or Tuesday! woot woot!! I hope you have a sunny Sunday! xoxo, E

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I love the weekend!! Yes I do!!

The weekend before a break from school begins is always my favorite. There is something inherently relaxing about it. This is especially true for the weekend before Thanksgiving break. After two days of complete relaxation, there are two days of school. Yet, similar to the two days prior to Thanksgiving in high school, there isn't much going on in classes.

I've been very productive this week and finished the major project for my Entertainment Business class last night... 57 pages later! woot!!

I've been to office depot twice in 24 hours!!! hehe. I bought 3 new sharpies (I got to pick my colors from a WALL of sharpies!!), a pack of legal pads (blue, purple, and yellow), a binder and page protectors for my EB project, color ink, etc. etc. etc. I love knowing that I help keep Office Depot in business!!!

I also purchased a new running outfit for my 8K on Thursday!! It's SO cute but I am SO freakin' out about my Turkey Trot!

With all the fabulousity, there is something tragically sad in my life this weekend... my dear, sweet, amazingly awesome roomie is in St. Louis for the weekend. (How was that linds?! I've been chastised for not including her in the blog recently, lol) She is visiting her sis and having an absolute blast so far! Oh! Linds, I think I'll listen to In the Heights today in honor of you and Caroline!

Hopefully your weekend (and subsequent plans for the week of Thanksgiving) will be wonderful as well! xoxo, E

Friday, November 20, 2009

Can you handle it?

Oh my goodness, I have the most cutie little nephew ever!! Look at that face as he checks out his birthday cake! JD is a big boy now! He's one!!
I wish I could scan his birthday invitation on to my computer and put it online. SO precious! Love my little man!

Happy Friday!
xoxo, E

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My favorite holiday!!

I may have mentioned it already, but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I love, Love, LOVE spending time with my family without the distraction of gifts. There's something about standing in the kitchen while everyone prepares their dishes and scoping out the dessert table to determine what I want to save room for.

My favorites for Thanksgiving:
Aunt Lynn's Sweet Potato Casserole
"Sister Schubert" Rolls
Nanny's Ham
Broccoli Salad
Cranberry Salad
Turkey with Mashed Potatoes
and Tina's Pumpkin Roll

Here are some Thanksgiving inspired pics to get you (and me) through!

xoxo, E

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another great Gap Holiday Ad!!

This just makes me so happy!!

Blast From the Past - SJP Gap Ad

I love these commercials and they are totally getting me in the mood for Christmas and of course, Christmas Shopping!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

A girlie kind of day...

I've fallen behind on the updates of some of my bloggie friends, but I reacquainted myself with Brunch at Saks last night. And oh did it provide the fix of "girlie"ness I was looking for!

There's just something about hot pink and black, glorious shoe shelves, a boa, and a chandelier! LOVE!!

If only we could all look this cute while searching through the trunk of our car... and with the beautiful luggage as well!

Oh to be this glamorious!

Have a marvelously, fabulous, girlie kind of day! xoxo, E

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hmmm, have you ever thought about it?

I was hanging out with Marcus last night and we were talking about shopping (I mean come on, do we talk about anything else? lol). We were discussing the new stuff at the Crew and then Marcus' new coat from Banana Republic. It may be the fact that I'm just brilliant, or the fact that it was 3am and I was delusional (probably this one), but I suddenly thought, "what a bizarre name for a store."

This conversation followed:
"M, have you ever really thought about the name of the retail store?"
"I mean, Banana Republic... what if there was a store called Apple Democracy.'"
"Or what about Orange Communism?"
"Marcus, think about it, Old Navy. What about New Purple?"
"Well, what is a medium point between old and new? Worn Yellow?"

Oh, thank the Lord for my Marcus friend. Only he would indulge my craziness at 3am! :)

Happy Sunday! xoxo, E

Saturday, November 14, 2009

CELEBRATE good times, come on!!

Today is a very special milestone!!! I have been cancer free for 3 months!!

The whole experience was so surreal... but it's been three months and all is well! Granted, I have a 4-inch scar on my back and I'm much paler than I'd like to be. However, I'd rather spend more money on bronzer then have another Melanoma diagnosis.

I'm so blessed to be surrounded by an amazing support system. My parents let me cry and cry and cry and then encouraged me to get back up. My friends were great when I first got the diagnosis and then with my surgery... they sent text messages and called to check up on me. Even now, they're supportive and get excited for my 3-month milestone!

I am such a lucky girl! Praise the Lord for his healing hand!

xoxo, E

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lip Sync Performance Pictures...
It was a great night of performances... I laughed so hard and enjoyed the evening!!!
First up, the ladies of Kappa Phi
Next, BSA...
"check out my G.P.A." (to the tune of "party in the USA")
The ladies of Gamma Phi Beta
"There's always gonna be another mountain... There's always gonna be an uphill battle."
The ladies of Alpha Phi...
What a beautiful tribute to the McDaniels!
The ladies of Alpha Chi Omega had a circus theme!
The men of Kappa Sigma brought Kanye to the the festivities...
Aretha joined the men of Kappa Sigma for the finale...
SAI/Sinfonia paid tribue to "Glee"
The men of Delta Alpha Chi never fail to entertain!!
The men of Lambda Chi Alpha had all of the school spirit sucked out of them...
They did a wonderful rendition of "Single Ladies"
And were restored to their school spirited selves...
... by Captain School Spirit himself!!

Camal and Lauren were crowned Homecoming King and Queen
We unveiled our new mascot Starsky
The men of Lambda Chi Alpha anxiously wait for their name to be called... Congrats on your first prize trophy gentlemen!
I'm so proud with how Homecoming turned out! But, I must admit, I'm grateful for the rest I'm able to get now!!
xoxo, E