Thursday, September 30, 2010

October is one of my favorite months... To me, it represents fall.
Well, at least it does on the East Coast.
The mornings are crisp.
The temperature is cool.
The leaves start changing.
It's perfect.

Luckily, OKC got the memo and the weather has been very cool. While flipping through this month's InStyle, I saw the following:

I'm so glad it's fall, and I'm ready to start wearing layers, sweater, and tights... oh my!

One "funny" to start your week off with. Before I went into class Thursday night, I made a pit stop in the bathroom and found this... I'm sorry, how does this even happen?!

xoxo, E

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

lucky, lucky girl

I am such a lucky girl... for so many reasons.

I decided yesterday that although I didn't actually feel buyer's remorse for 3 purchases I made, my bank account said I should. I asked the bf to go with me to return the items as "moral support" and he agreed. As we walked into the mall to return the dress I bought last weekend...

He said that he wanted to see it. As he pulled it out of the bag, I noticed a subtle (or attempt at subtle) glance at the tag. Mental note: tell him not to go back and buy it for me later... yes it was a pride thing.

After the errands, I jetted off to my night class. While sitting in class, Momma texted me that she had accidentally confused the dates and couldn't visit me next weekend. I've been in need of Momma time and was disappointed, but she said that she could fly out to spend a few days with me leading up to fall break - I had made the choice to stay in OKC over the break and the boy made plans for us to hang out.

Well, after class I went home and found this laying on my bed...

There was a note from the boy laying on top, and I immediately knew what he had done.

The reaction I should have had: Excitement that the dress was going back in my closet and acknowledgment of the super-sweet and thoughtful gesture.
The reaction I actually had: I was a bit upset that he got the dress even though I asked him not to, and I felt about 2 inches tall.
Why couldn't I just be gracious and say "thank you"? Beats me.
Anyway, after a short discussion last night... and an apology from me... all was well again!
Although I had a stinky day, M made it so much better.
Conclusion: He is most definitely crazy for putting up with me.

Fast-forward 8 hours - I woke up with severe pain in my abdomen. It has come and gone all day. No bueno. It's one of those days when I actually wish I was back in high school (ewwwwww) and could just stay in bed all day and skip out on my responsibilities.

Well, Kimmy always has a way of making my day better.
Yesterday she sent me this:

And today she put on a little show while on the phone with a society lady. I snapped pics...

Just waiting for her to log on to Twitter/the Blog to see them and get "mad." LOL.

Anyway, Kimmy had a "short meeting" (they're never short) today, and I walked over to the Mass Comm department to chat with a former professor. I like to pop by every once in a while to chat and laugh a bit.
Well after a bit of laughter with last semester's Mass Media Law professor, I went into MH's office to chat. I definitely consider him a mentor. I told him that I was panicking about jobs and that I was just so overwhelmed. I always feel so much better after talking to MH. He always says the kindest things to me and encourages me so much. I teared up while talking to him today and almost had to put on my over-sized sunglasses and leave his office when he mentioned that he realized he won't be here for my graduation because he'll be in Singapore teaching.

Anyway, the point is, I feel so encouraged as I press forward in my job search.

I'm off to Biology now then turning in early tonight - have to take the boy to the airport crazy early tomorrow morning for his SGA trip to DC - Jealous!

xoxo, E

Oh... I need to update this quickly. Kimmy just texted me the following:

Love her!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Megan is engaged!!!!!

She and her boyfriend... I mean fiance(!!!)... Tyler have been together 5 years and he popped the question Friday night.

SUCH a good story! You can read about it here!

Megs and I have been pals since freshman year of college, and I'm SO thrilled for her!!

Love you megs!!
xoxo, E

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend with Papas!

I had a great weekend with Papas!

When he got here Friday, we went straight to McNellie's for lunch.

Next, we stopped by Red Coyote!
Papas bought me new running shoes... they are called Newton! How cool is that?! I'm running in shoes with my last name on them! lol. They are also supposed to help you running properly.

Red Coyote has this awesome process they take each client through to make sure the shoes you purchase fix any problems. Well, my Achilles experiences some stress when I run, so we got some inserts to help fix the problem.

I ran 3 miles this morning in 30:34 - not bad for not running in quite some time!

I love, Love, LOVE this shirt... Red Coyote has a breast cancer awareness section and this shirt reads: "Protect 2nd Base"

Friday night we went to Red Rock Canyon grill. It was a big night! Papas met M for the first time. It was a real Meet the Parents moment... but the bf did a much better job impressing Papas than Ben Stiller did!

I took Papas to my favorite breakfast spot Saturday morning - Jimmy's Egg. Finally, my three-week long craving for pancakes was satisfied!! There is NOTHING better than their sweet potato pancakes!!

After we ate, we went to IO Metro to peruse the furniture. Thanks to a special 25% off offer, I bought a bed for the post-grad place.
And with a special cash gift from Papas, it was the same price as the bed I was going to buy from Ikea.
I L-O-V-E it!!!
Brown, leather, queen sleigh bed

We went to the mall, did a little bit of shopping, and saw "Wall Street. Money never sleeps."

Papas was a little bit disappointed - Michael Douglas' role is smaller than he was hoping for. But I've never seen the original, so I enjoyed it more than dad did.

We went to Ted's for dinner. Yum!
And even though we were STUFFED after our entree, we enjoyed the famous and fabulous sopaipillas.

Living on a budget is hard... and I'm no good at it... but I convinced Papas to take me to Target to do some grocery shopping.
Is it sad that this could potentially have been the best part of my day? That Charmin bear is pretty expensive, and I SO appreciate his willingness to pay!

Momma sent us some pics of the redecorating going on at home!
Beautiful brown walls for the dining room... I told Momma I'll do some scouting (maybe another trip to IO Metro) for a new lighting fixture for the room.

The window treatments for the guest bedroom

I can't get over how beautiful our upstairs is now... I think I might actually like this room better than my room now... but maybe I like the computer room best... No, no, it's definitely the grown-up sophistication of my room... gosh, tough decisions!! Mommacita - you're too good at this!!!

Here we go with another week! xoxo, E

Friday, September 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Yes, I know it's only the 24th of September, but I'm celebrating Christmas today!

After only 4.5 hours of sleep... didn't leave JCrew until 3:45am this morning... I woke up and kept hitting "refresh" on Ticketmaster's website so that I'd be ready when they went on sale at 10am!

First attempt: Section 117.

Not good enough.

Second attempt: Section 101.

No way, Jose!

Third attempt: Section 5... Floor seats.


Get ready Michael... these crazy girls are coming for ya!

TGIF! xoxo, E

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another hodge podge post...

The design diva (aka, mommacita) is at it again!
After completing all of the re-decorating of our upstairs, Momma has her sights set on our downstairs! I'm so excited for what she has planned!

She started with our dining room. After taking everything off the walls, moving the furniture, and covering our dining room table, Momma sent me a "before" pic of the walls...



I'm so, So, SO excited to see the room after all the fabrics are changed!!

More pics to come of the foyer and living room as they get underway!

I love working with Kimmy for oh-so-many reasons. Today we enjoyed a Chickfila lunch together, and I played a game of FloodIt to get back in the mental state of mind for work. Kimmy was like "you know you can change the colors of the squares right?"
"I'm sorry, what?!"

I call this the manly version!

I also discovered you can change the difficulty of the game! Hip, hip, hooray!!

I absolutely love to laugh, and have definitely been in the need for laughter in the last 36 hours. Well, the double mint came through for me today!

Christine also made me giggle today at work... We visited the site for tomorrow's style-show event for last minute diagram plans for setup and script adjustments based on wardrobe.

Well, there was some exercise equipment outside and Christine just hopped right on. I died laughing. People of 23rd street: check her out!

I'm off to work tonight... 9:30pm - 3:00am... no, that's not a typo. Easy money though... NO customers!! We're getting new touch-screen registers installed at JCrew. Wahoo!!

Papas will be here in just over 12 hours!!! Hooray!! xoxo, E

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ha. Ha. Ha. No, but really, gotta laugh.

This is going to be such a random, hodge podge of a post... but I hope it'll remain in the parameters of what's appropriate, lol.

Well, to start with something uber-fun. Kell is working on her senior capstone piece - as a dance performance major that involves choreographing, casting, costuming, and putting together a 2 1/2 minute piece to be performed in the Senior Choreography show (the best of the year in my opinion)

Well, I've been moonlighting as her costumer... hemming the dresses and had the MOST fun the other night rhinestoning. Pretty sure I surprised her with my skill =) Especially since I was a total novice!

The super excited, little miss choreographer!!

Bragging moment - look how adorable my cousin is! I love, love, love baseball and wanted to take this opportunity to show off his mad skills!

On to the part of the post that could potentially be a downer and over-share. I had an appointment at the dermatologist today which always brings me a great deal of anxiety. After the doctor removed three questionable spots, I treated myself with a trip to Target.

While strolling the aisles, I discovered a Jane Austen movie I had never seen (for only $7) and because of my lovely friend, BLC, I learned that my FAVORITE author, Sophie Kinsella, had released her latest book.

Needless to say, I didn't adhere to my vow to stop shopping today. And yes, I recognize the irony that I splurged on a book called "Mini Shopaholic." LOL.

I have my ups and downs (too many blue moments) while waiting for the pathology reports from the doctor. Momma and Papas always encourage me that things will be okay and try not to stress, but sometimes I just can't help it. I told the doctor today about the way my stress manifests after these kinds of appointments and she said that I need to always prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

I always read too much into these situations. Last time I got the "cancer phone call" I was heading to Dallas to meet Momma for a girls weekend. It was a total blessing because I had her full attention all weekend while I tried to digest the news... Fast forward to today, I immediately started to panic today because Papas is coming to visit this weekend and my first thought was "maybe God is making sure I'll have that same support this weekend should I get another phone call like that." I. Think. I'm. Crazy. LOL

In one of my blue moments today, Papas called on his way to get his hair cut. We talked about my appointment a bit, and I told him that one of the spots is on my neck. I told him that I'm sure it's going to look like I'm trying to cover up a hickie... to which he replied, "ahhh. so that's why you're telling me about it now. that way I won't ask you about it this weekend when I come to visit." "Oh yea dad, you know. I figure if I blame it on the cancer then people will think 'oh, sensitive subject. shouldn't ask.'" Haha. It might be a bit extreme to joke about my cancer past and the potential for the future, but sometimes, you just gotta laugh.

Debbie Downer - party of one!

Hopefully my next post will be a bit cheerier! xoxo, E

First Day

Happy First Day of Fall!!

This is what I'm looking forward to! Nothing prettier than a fall day in North Carolina!!
xoxo, E