Thursday, December 31, 2009


I changed my major

I attended my first art gallery opening at Istvan Gallery in OKC

I got a job at J.Crew

I started a blog

I planned the Dance and Arts Management banquet “An Evening at the Bellagio” at the Skirvin Hilton

I went on tour with the American Spirit Dance Co. as the Sound Technician in Branson, MO

I turned Twenty-One!

I moved to Los Angeles for the summer

I have now driven cross country! NC -- OK -- CA

I interned at HOBY (West Hollywood and Westlake Village, CA)

I interned at 3Ball Productions (Redondo Beach, CA)

I traveled throughout Italy with Momma for her 50th Birthday: Rome, Florence, Pisa, Venice, and Milan

I had the best gelato in the WORLD!

I visited the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain

I took a cooking class with Momma in Florence

I “held up” the Leaning Tower of Pisa

I went on a gondola ride

I worked the Anthropologie inventory

I went to Vegas for the first time (and lost $60)

I also got “carded” for the first time... that’s right, I didn’t even get carded on my 21st. What a bummer

I experienced my first earthquake (plus 2 more)

I went to California Adventure with Meredith and rode the Tower of Terror for the first time

I ate at In-N-Out and actually LOVED a hamburger

I took a bus tour of “Celebrity Homes” with Mere

I went to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital College Seminar in Memphis, TN

I gave blood for the first time

I was diagnosed with Melanoma

One week later, my surgeon got it all!

I participated in my last Gamma Phi Beta recruitment

I got a job working in the Alumni office on campus

I made a Senior Year Bucket List (things are being checked off... slowly. And I keep adding things)

I planned Up ‘Til Dawn for OCU’s campus. We raised over $27,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

I was the Commissioner of Homecoming and Traditions

(I was in charge of planning Homecoming for the University)

I volunteered at the Boot of the Oklahoma Regatta

I went to my first State Fair (Oklahoma)

I also saw my first pig race

I programmed and ran the light board for the Choreography Show

I ran my first 5K race (benefitted Swaziland partnership)

I also placed third in my age category for my time

I went to my first college football game (OSU vs. UT)

I was the Assistant Stage Manager for the Home for the Holidays Christmas Show

I took a leap of faith and applied to go on the March GO Team trip to Swaziland, Africa with Bethany First Church

I took part in my first mock press conference

I decided that I wanted to get a minor in mass communications, with an emphasis in public relations

I ran an 8K Turkey Trot in 44 minutes and 39 seconds

I was selected to plan the student portion of a “going away” event for OCU’s president Tom McDaniel

I decided to run a half-marathon in April

Overall, I’d say it was a pretty successful and highly eventful year!

Check back tomorrow for the list of what I hope to do in 2010!! xoxo, E

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Pillow Problem

I have a pillow problem.

... it's a real problem.

... kind of an obsession.

I am truly my Momma's daughter. I used to complain quite often when I was younger about the effort required to make up my bed because there were SOOOOO many pillows.

And at times, there were too many pillows to move before crashing for an afternoon nap.
(it's also pretty clear from this pic that I had far too many stuffed animals as well)

Now, when I have the opportunity to have only the pillow I sleep on, I follow in Momma's footsteps and load up on pillows...
My bed has 5...
And our living room has 3...

As I think about what bedding I want to purchase for my first "grown up place" (following graduation... a year from now... but I'm a planner!), I have found some adorable pillows to go with!

First, let's start with the bedding I like...
First, the Lucia duvet cover from Crate and Barrel
Next, from Anthropologie (Although I really want a duvet, I just love this pattern)

Now back to the pillows: while browsing the Pier 1 website, I found these pillows... LOVE the girlie frills!

It's ALMOST the last day of 2009!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kate Hudson

I really like Kate Hudson. I think she is so entertaining as an actress, and she's really funny. I couldn't help but notice the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar with Miss Kate beautifully splashed across the front!

And the pictures inside were just as amazing....
Can I please be this glamorous when I move to NYC?
Oh, just loading some groceries into the taxi...
I mean come on, how gorgeous is she? Even while being goofy!!

Here's to a fashionably, fabulous new year!! xoxo, E

p.s. It's SO crazy to me that we're at 2010. I used to say, "Oh man, I graduate from college in 2010. That's so far away!!" Oh how time flies!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Summer Internship...

So it's not exactly summer internship application season, but I'm using my free time "wisely" over the break to prepare my resume and cover letters for my summer intern applications. The plan is to be in NYC this summer for an internship in PR. (If not, then I'll be home for my last summer vacation) Again, my hope is to get an internship in NYC, which will hopefully result in connections to get a job when I graduate four months later (Dec 2010). Eek!!

So far the list includes:

Speaking of NYC... we are heading up there this weekend! Can't wait! xoxo, E

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas: Round 2

Today is the extended family Christmas celebration.
I love seeing my family all in one place. It'll be a mad house here in about five hours, and I can't even wait!

Especially grateful that our festivities fall the day after Christmas this year; It allows Christmas to last just a little bit longer... and hey, how bad can that be?!

Merry Christmas (again)!!! xoxo, E

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Well the presents have been opened, the wrappings have been discarded, and the Christmas breakfast was delicious...
Who's ready for a nap?! Kidding.
(doesn't she look so glamorous buried under all those gifts?)

I must have been a VERY good girl this year because Santa brought me a terrific surprise...
My parents have told me for the past 4 years (at least!) that they will never buy me a television for college because "nothing would get done if you had a television." It's been a battle in the Newton home for years (and I'm not exaggerating lol). I had resigned myself to the fact that I would have to purchase one following graduation. That is, until I walked downstairs this morning and saw this beautiful Panasonic 32" LCD television waiting for me. Want to know one of the best parts?! You can hook up your ipod to the TV!! Yes!! I get to watch my iTunes purchases on the big screen now (like Gossip Girl)!!!

Santa also brought:
I love, love, love Night at the Museum! (glad to have the sequel in my collection now)

$50 iTunes card. Hooray!!
Wonderful hand lotion in "pear vanilla... winter candy apple... and vanilla bean noel"

Now on to the presents from Momma and Papas:
Love this pearl necklace from Surroundings
My favorite perfume Flowerbomb!
And oh here's another huge surprise. A lovely little box!
Isn't that great?!
Kidding, it was actually my GORGEOUS new Citrine and Diamond ring. I was SO surprised!
(apologies for the quality of the photos, sometimes the iPhone doesn't do too well)

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas!!

Oh, a quick update on Momma and Papas' gifts: Well as previously posted here, Papas got his rustic tree from Momma. I got him an iTunes gift card since he likes to buy tv shows to watch while he's in Europe. I gave Momma a J.Crew vest. Papas gave her a pearl necklace and a Burberry scarf. Way to go parentals!!

The Newton family is off to take part in another one of our Christmas traditions: the movies!!
Ho, Ho, Ho!! xoxo, E