Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another Etsy find...

Maaaaadre... I found the perfect surprise for you!!
Momma and I are very similar. 
However, I get my organizational obsessions from Papas. 
As we walk into the grocery store, Momma pulls out the wad of coupons. I do not use the word "wad" casually here. There is no order what-so-ever to the coupon madness. We walk all over the grocery store because "Oh! Here's one for toilet paper," but we've already passed that aisle. "Oh, and here's one for Activia... And one for Pantene. Do you need any shampoo for your bathroom?" I love this woman, but it makes me crazy. This conversation always takes place, "Momma, please let me organize your coupons! It will take no time, and you'll never have to worry about a coupon expiring or losing one while walking around the grocery store." "E, that is just not who I am!!" Gotta love her. I still don't think this is her style, but maybe!! Momma, how about shopping in style AND keeping your coupons organized with this cute coupon organizer?!

For the rest of you readers, check out the Etsy shop for cute grocery totes, in addition to the coupon organizers. 
I hate to admit that I warm up to "trendy ideas" after I get hit over the head by them... over and over again... but it's true. After years of Momma telling me to walk the extra five feet to put my soda can in the recycling bin... rather than the trash... I now make the extra effort to recycle. My next attempt to go greener (let's face it, I drive an SUV. I'll never be green) is to buy reusable grocery bags and use them rather than plastic bags. Trader Joes has some cute ones, so we'll see :)
Momma will arrive in LA tomorrow... Woo hoo!! I'm a lucky girl... Papas visited last weekend and Momma this weekend :) 
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!-E


  1. What an adorable idea! I love it!

  2. Oh how cute! My mom desperately needs a coupon organizer! :)

  3. It's my one and only weakness!! haha!
    Your #1 Fan

  4. oh yeah i've seen this last week! they're so cute! i was suppose to blog about it but then i saw your giveaway post on kate gabrielle's print. XD so i thought i'd have my own giveaway too. haha. if you're interested here's how to join i've been following your blog since last week, that's my avatar, the semi-bald kid reading a book. well that's my baby brother. XD first draw for my giveaway is tomorrow! I'll be drawing 3 winners. XD