Monday, July 6, 2009

It's not too good to be true... It's Another Giveaway!

I am a self proclaimed girly girl. I have no shame in admitting that I love all thinks frilly and sparkly. Jewelry tops the list of things I love. And I love to share the things I love... segue to my next giveaway!

I found TabbiesandTrains after I received a gift of her beautiful earrings. Go to the Etsy store here and take a gander at all the girlie gorgeousness. 

So here are the rules...
1. If you have a blogspot account, become a follower
If not, it's ok, you can still enter! 
(just make sure you leave a way for me to contact you)
2. Leave a comment and tell me your ultimate girly-girl guilty pleasure. Sorry guys, this giveaway is just for the ladies.
Mine would have to be a day at the spa... 
3. BONUS rule: If you blog about my giveaway, leave a second comment with the link to your page. 
This will increase your chance to win!!

The winner of a TabbiesandTrains suprise will be announced on Thursday, so be sure to enter by 6pm (pacific) on Wednesday!!

Remember, some of the best things come in small packages! 
Happy Giveaway! -E


  1. Oh what a fabulous giveaway! My ultimate girlie girl guilty pleasure would have be having very girlie bedding and bedroom decor. My boyfriend would rather us not have an ultra girlie theme, but I just can't help it! I love having pink and brown decor with lots of frills! And I have to agree with you too- anything sparkly is just amazing!

    Hope you had a great weekend! Heading over to TabbiesandTrains Etsy store to check it out now :) XO

  2. GL I love reading about your wonderful la la life :). My girly girl splurge is definitely expensive make-up! I'll buy cheap lipsticks but am all about the expensive eye shadows and brushes! Have a marvelous monday!

  3. oh course i'm a follower! My girly girl splurge is getting my nails and toes done as often as possible. I know I can paint my own but theres something nice about others doing. makes me happy

  4. My girly girl guilty pleasure is getting my nails done constantly with random crazy colors and buying shoes! LOTS of shoes :) gotta love them. I have bought 4 new pairs just this summer... oh addictions.

  5. Hmmmm, this is hard for me because I'm the polar opposite of girly-girl. But, I do love jewelry (not to be confused with bling) and skirts. I'm a skirt fanatic! I guess that does sound a tad girly....
    OH, and I'm a follower ;)

  6. Rooms! I mean which girly-girl thing should I talk about since I am the ultimate girly girl? One would be getting mani-pedis with my mom and sister. my other fav would be constantly buying cute little dresses no matter how many I have. LOVE YOUU rooms!

  7. What an amazing giveaway! Pick me! Pick me! My ultra girly-girl goodness is anything ruffled, polkadotted, skirted or bowed :-)

  8. Ohh i like Sushi, and then a mani/pedi.
    But there are simple things that make me feel amazing in their girlynes like an awesome pencil skirt that fits just right, a pearl neckless, getting flowers, and cute little sundress. All of those make my day so much brighter. Love you, GL

  9. What a fabulous giveaway! Ok..I'm a follower. I posted on my blog's Giveaway Sidebar. My ultra girly girl; a full day spa and hair salon treatment, followed by the very next day with a shopping spree looking beautious!