Tuesday, July 28, 2009

List making...

I love lists... like an unhealthy amount... It turned out to be a "good thing" when my computer crashed Freshman year (I didn't lose any of my files/music/photos... thank the Lord) because when I got my computer back, they put the "Stickies" application on my MAC. They are literally sticky notes for your desktop... HEAVEN!

And I have so many notepads to make my lists on... sticky notes GALORE, "A Moment in the Life of Elizabeth" notepads, "A Day in the Life of Elizabeth" notepads, "A Week in the Life of Elizabeth" notepads, "Off Again. Time to Pack" notepads, the list goes on and on.

I even use legal pads to make my "major projects" lists. Currently, my legal pad has 13-days worth of clothes planned out. How else am I supposed to know what to pack for my trip on Thursday?? Last time I packed, it was a rush job, and I packed for our 2 week trip to Italy in under 15 minutes... no lie. I also overpacked (understatement) and went over the weight limit for my flight. A lack of planning results in having to carry some of that weight on board. No bueno. 

I tried to find a pic of the "Off Again... Time to Pack" notepad that Papas got for me (he is an organizer personality like myself, so he indulges my habit) and I found this adorable notepad. I think I need to get this one for Momma and me. She is NOTORIOUS for doodling on the back of a piece of paper while on the phone and then throwing it out... usually, there was something important on the other side!!

What is it with lists and stationary?! I just LOVE it!!
I also have more journals/notebooks than anyone you have ever met... but that's a different obsession for another time.
Have a terrific Tuesday!! -E

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  1. Oh! So I'm not entirely weird! I've had a list making obsession since 6th grade, and on top of that, I have an obsession with empty paper/books. I've got two boxes filled with journals and such, plus an entire half book shelf stuffed with them, not to mention the other journals that I'm currently using. Btw, steno pads are my fav. I've got at least ten of them in my bedside table drawer. I'm glad it's not just me! lol ♥