Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend with Momma in California

I feel like there is a dark cloud over my head today. Momma leaves to head back to NC and I'm left alone in Cali :( Now, I realize this may sound crazy to some people. I'm in Los Angeles, what could be bad about that? Well, last weekend when Papas visited, it was only for about 24 hours and I had to work for 8 of those hours and at least another 8 were spent sleeping. This weekend, I had to work Friday night while Momma was here. And she is catching an earlier flight back because I have to work today. Sad Sunday.
We had a great time together though while she was here. We spent the day yesterday at the beach and soaked up the sun. 

There was the cutest little boy at the beach... and yes, I became his personal paparazzi and snapped this adorable pic of him hanging on his daddy.

After we left the beach, we cleaned up and went to The Counter for a late lunch/early dinner. 

Momma got a hamburger with onions and pineapple, and I got grilled chicken with pineapple, onions, and craisins. Sooo yummy. Oh, and the best part was the sweet potato fries!!! YUM-O!!

I hope you had a happy 4th of July!! It'll be a four day work week for me, then I fly to Vegas on Friday. Woohoo :) -E

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  1. Just found your blog!! Think it is too cute. Hope you had a great 4th!!