Friday, December 4, 2009

I want to be home for Christmas... right now

Momma sent me pictures last night of our Christmas tree.
Before I left on Sunday we had purchased the tree, but it was bare of any lights or ornaments... I do not like stringing lights but I love to hang the ornaments. There is one in particular that is my favorite. It's an ornament of santa carving a stone figure of himself. The arm makes a noise as it hammers away. To me, that sound is Christmas.
As I said before, I'm still pretty sick... and when I'm sick, the only place I want to be is home. Luckily, Momma will be here next Thursday for Mom's weekend and then I'll be home a week after she leaves.

I hope you have a happy Friday! Mine will be in the theatre from 10a-12p and then 2:30-11p. Eek!!
xoxo, E

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