Sunday, December 13, 2009

a WHOLE week?!

So, it's been an entire week since the last time I posted. I apologize. However, I feel that if I shared my schedule with from the past week you might understand why.

But first, I must say this... I love my Momma for SO many reasons. But the one that comes to mind today is that she is incredibly honest. For instance, she mentioned on Friday while she was here that my last couple of blog entries have been a bit boring. Uh oh! The pressure is on now to make it a good one... here's hoping!

I was in the theatre...
Sunday 9am-midnight
Monday 5pm-2:30am
Tuesday 4pm-1:00am
Wednesday 5pm-12:30am
Thursday 6:30-11pm
Friday 6:30-11pm
Saturday 12:30-10:30pm

Well, Momma came on Thursday and left very early on Saturday. While it was a quick trip, it was exactly what I needed to get me through. Christmas show is done today. I only have to make it through strike and then I am (almost) HOMEWARD BOUND!! Hooray!!

While I was working in the theatre, Momma sent me a text that she was watching my friend Daniel (who is appearing in "Memphis" on Broadway right now) and the cast perform on the Today show over... and over... and over again. When I got home, we watched it some more (you can and SHOULD watch it here). I felt the need to warn Daniel of his potential stalker and wrote the following on his Facebook:
"ok... so if you ever get the feeling you have a stalker in NYC, it is my Momma. Like for serious. She sent me a text today that says "I'm watching Daniel on the Today Show... over. and over. and over again." Dude, she even said "I love him so much I want to kiss him." I feel like I need to call the police FOR you."

I then proceeded to make the following my Facebook status:
"Elizabeth Newton loves her momma so much... even though I realized tonight that she is totally a stalker of my friend Daniel Watts who is of course starring on Broadway in "Memphis" (ps. she wanted me to edit this to say she is an "admirer"... that's what she'll tell the cops when they arrest her)"
Oh fun times. LOL.

Well, I'm off to church now for my first meeting for the mission trip to Swaziland over spring break!! I'm SO excited for this amazing opportunity!!!

xoxo, E

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