Sunday, December 6, 2009

I love the Christmas season!!!

So, after a bit of blog surfing I am totally in the Christmas spirit!!! Not going to lie, I was worried that I would not be go-go-Christmas this year because I've been listening to Christmas music and working the Christmas show for more hours then I would like to count.

However, thank you blog friends for reminding me of my love for this time of year!! Enjoy!

Thank you Brunch at Saks!
I want to make s'mores, drink hot chocolate, snuggle up in Christmas pj's (maybe from gap?), and enjoy being home!!

This is SUCH a cute decoration idea!
I'm not sure if polaroids are available anymore, but this could be cute with pictures, cardstock, and yarn. I think I might steal this idea from You Are My Fave.

Merry [almost] Christmas!!
xoxo, E

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  1. Did you do this post while you were in the theatre? ;) And no problem about the ddp... I got a dp too! :)