Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Pillow Problem

I have a pillow problem.

... it's a real problem.

... kind of an obsession.

I am truly my Momma's daughter. I used to complain quite often when I was younger about the effort required to make up my bed because there were SOOOOO many pillows.

And at times, there were too many pillows to move before crashing for an afternoon nap.
(it's also pretty clear from this pic that I had far too many stuffed animals as well)

Now, when I have the opportunity to have only the pillow I sleep on, I follow in Momma's footsteps and load up on pillows...
My bed has 5...
And our living room has 3...

As I think about what bedding I want to purchase for my first "grown up place" (following graduation... a year from now... but I'm a planner!), I have found some adorable pillows to go with!

First, let's start with the bedding I like...
First, the Lucia duvet cover from Crate and Barrel
Next, from Anthropologie (Although I really want a duvet, I just love this pattern)

Now back to the pillows: while browsing the Pier 1 website, I found these pillows... LOVE the girlie frills!

It's ALMOST the last day of 2009!!!

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