Monday, April 5, 2010

Hope you had a Hoppy Easter

Well it's Easter Monday (this doesn't mean anything on College campuses, but in elementary, middle, and high school it meant an extra day off. Oh well. I digress). I hope you all had a HOPpy Easter.

Mine was oh so fabulous with the parents in NYC! I spent 2 hours solid (as well as the rest of the weekend) talking about Swaziland. Our eyes were filled with tears over some stories and pictures, and I think they were able to see the difference in me from this trip. I told them about the "new" direction I feel like God is leading me, and I am confident they support that 110%.

On a more "fun" note, we saw: The Addams Family, Promises Promises, and Come Fly Away while in NYC. They were all really good for different reasons! One of the highlights of the weekend was grabbing pizza with McCallann and talking for almost 2 hours in my hotel lobby.

As for the Easter Bunny... because of her/him, I'll be looking so legit on race day. S/He brought me new running socks and an ipod shuffle! Look out half marathon! I'm a'comin!
xoxo, E

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  1. Running socks from South Africa. He hopped a long way to bring those!!