Saturday, April 10, 2010


I'm just throwing it out there that there will probably be typos in this post. It is Saturday morning at 5:20am, I have been awake since Friday morning at 7:15am. Last night was Relay for Life. Although I was not on a team, I was a part of the Fight Back Ceremony. It was a really amazing experience. There were four of us on stage that had been directly impacted by cancer. We each represented a different phrase... "Get Well, Stay Well, Find a Cure, Fight Back." I represented "Stay Well." We had giant posters on which we wrote a few phrases to tell our story and share whatever was on our hearts and minds. This is what I had on my signs...

I Relay for Those Who Think "It Won't Happen to Me"

I'm NOT invincible

Cancer doesn't discriminate

It doesn't care if you're young or old

It doesn't always let you know it's there

Be Smart. Talk to your doctor.

Do your part. Educate yourself about the symptoms.

Be active in Staying Well.

I've beat Melanoma three times. And I'll continue to Fight.

Anyway, our ceremony wasn't until 3:00am. I worked on my capstone until about 12:45am, then I went out to the quad to spend time with some folks. After we finished the ceremony at like 3:30am, I went to Taco Bell (awful, I know, but it was so yummy), and I've been working on my capstone ever since. I think I'll be up for maybe another hour, then I'm putting my phone on SILENT and going to sleep. I really hope I don't get called into work tonight! :(

xoxo, E

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