Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Swaziland holds my heart... still

I received an email from a dear friend from our Swaziland trip. Doug is a wonderful man of God, who towards the end of the trip started calling me Molly (apparently I resemble the 80s star... I hear it all. the. time.) Anyway... On our loooong plane ride home, he passed around a journal for us to write down our thoughts about our trip. Reading everyone's words, and re-reading my own, brought me to tears. I want to share mine with you:

Just when you think God has pushed you to your limit, He pushes a little bit more.

Running around, getting your dress muddy, and sweating off the little make-up you have on can be/is FUN! You don’t realize how much joy is missing in your life until you experience a wave of it all at once. (and then, you don’t want to give it up)

Rival schools do not prevent fast friends.

Age really is just a number.

“Ugliness” can have majestic beauty

Doing away with the thought “I don’t want to shake/hold hands for fear of germs” increases relationships beyond a superficial level…even if you only spend 10 minutes with a person.

…You won’t get sick with this much Germ-X on the trip

Christians don’t always have to talk about “Christian things”

You can spend a lifetime with an acquaintance or spend 10 days forming a deep-connection. I’ll take the latter

Pre-conceived notions and quick judgments are usually horribly inaccurate

God had a specific role for each of us on this trip.

I have 22+ new friends because of this trip

A big part of my heart was left in Swaziland.

I NEED to go back

I miss brushing my teeth w/o a water bottle

Happy Wednesday! xoxo, E

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