Monday, February 23, 2009

Is it spring break yet?!

The winter woes... Am I the only one with this particular affliction at the moment? The weather has been playing tricks on Oklahomans lately. There is nothing better than waking up on a Saturday morning with the sun shining and the warmth of its rays on your skin. What is tragic, however, is the startling reality of a windy Monday morning. The sun took a day off. 

It's days like today that cause me to ache for home. In the brilliant words of Mr. James Taylor, "In my mind I'm gone to Carolina..." Today, I am pretending that I have stepped outside to be greeted by a perfect North Carolina day. I see the squirrels chasing each other up the trees, hear the cardinals singing their tune, and peer towards the clear, Carolina blue sky. Ahh... how nice... I'm almost relaxed...

Back to reality, yuck... But all hope is not lost... the 10-day forecast on promises warmer days ahead... but if its promise is not kept, just remember... SPRING BREAK IS 19 DAYS AWAY!

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