Friday, February 13, 2009

My First Art Gallery Opening

Tonight was so great! Momma and I drove downtown to Istvan Gallery for the opening. It was AMAZING. The talent was overwhelming. 

Without a doubt, the best part was watching the artists blow glass. Who knew that so much was involved?!?! The guys were great! Andy took the time to explain every step to us as they worked on the piece that would become a platter. We sat there, utterly absorbed, for well over an hour. No photo or words can even come close to adequately describing the elements of glass blowing, but I've posted some amazing pictures anyway. It's incredible to think that a small bubble of glass can become an amazing platter (22 inches in diameter!!). 

Momma and I are even more excited about our trip to Italy now! We have experienced glass blowing first-hand and have some education about the process. We can't wait to compare the Oklahoma glass blowers to the Italian artists :) ENJOY!

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