Monday, February 16, 2009

Taking a Look at the Week Ahead...

As someone with such a scheduled routine, I am always amazed when things calm down or turn into complete chaos. This week is looking like it could be quite chaotic, but in a FABULOUS way :)

I only work one night this week so I won't be rushing back to my room after class to quickly cook dinner and speed off to the mall... what a relief :) 

Instead, my week includes: the occasional homework assignment or project, taking the Gamma Phi Beta CLC out for cupcakes, slipping downtown to the Skirvin Hilton to do a tasting of the menu for our dance and arts management banquet, followed by a fabulous evening of arts and crafts with the girls. This weekend's "to do" list includes: breakfast with my fabulous friend Julie, possibly work on Saturday, and then get my tires rotated. WHOO HOO!! Party!!

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