Friday, August 28, 2009

I miss my summer routine

Waking up to the sun shining through my window, spending the morning reviewing all of the latest blog updates, updating my own blog, enjoying a leisure breakfast and some TV, heading off to work in glorious Los Angeles...

I miss my summer routine.

We all know that I haven't been updating my blog nearly as much as before... and the subject matter hasn't been that FAB either. But I also haven't had time to read up on the fabulous blogs I subscribe to. I miss it SO much!! And I'm not exactly sure how to get back in the habit. I have always said that it takes the first week or two of school to get into the routine. I'm hoping that holds true this year.

Today is a crazy day: Class at 9, work on campus from 10-1, 2 hours to grab lunch and pack for the SGA retreat this weekend, conduct a meeting for homecoming at 3, then leave for the retreat at 5:30. Whew. Here we go!

xoxo, E

1 comment:

  1. I completely understand... this semester is proving to be a little more difficult to get into a routine... oh well, it's only week one right? :) Have fun on your retreat this weekend!