Friday, August 21, 2009

Senior Year Bucket List

There was a perfectly blue sky today, and I just had to capture the beauty of our campus to share with you all. PS I was standing with my friend Julie when I pulled out my phone to take the pic and she goes "Uh oh, Elizabeth is going to blog about this!" Haha

So to update you all on the Senior Year Bucket List... 
The list is quickly growing... 

Mere and I have come up with the following:
1. Watch "Twister" (I feel like it's a necessity after 
going to school in Oklahoma)
2. Go to the OKC Bombing Memorial
3. Go to POPS!/Get our kicks on Route 66
4. Get a Little Caesar's pizza. 
(I haven't had it since I was in elementary school)
5. Go see the Christmas lights in Nichols Hills. 
6. Visit OU (university of oklahoma) and possibly 
attend an athletic event
7. Go to the Texas State Fair (September 26th)
8. Volunteer at an area soup kitchen/Ronald McDonald House
9. Go to a Piano Bar
10. Eat at Iguanas (a mexican restaurant here in OKC)
11. Have a picnic at Lake Hefner
12. Train for and run in the 5K at Homecoming
13. Train for a half marathon and run next December to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

That's all for now :) We are so excited to get started!!
xoxo, E


  1. I hear the best time to see the memorial is at night.

  2. @2 go to the memorial run at sun up. Talk about a tear jerker.
    @5 you should go to ski island. There was one house with literally 101 dalmations on it.
    @10 thats my daddys place! :D