Monday, August 24, 2009

Let the senior year begin!!!

Okay, this picture is a little premature, but I am SO excited for classes to start today! I realize that is a little peculiar, but I love the routine of it all. I'm excited to see my professors and get the learning started!! Because I still have one more fall semester (since I changed my major, I'll graduate December of 2010), today isn't my "last first day," but I am thinking of it as my last fall semester with my class.

The classes for this semester are as follows:
Intro to Public Relations
Intro to Advertising
Entertainment Business I 
(this is a first-semester freshman class... lol... and I'm taking it as a Senior. But, I'm very excited to meet the freshman! And my fellow "major changer" is in the class with me. Go seniors!!)
Stage Management and Production
Intro to Graphic Design
Touring Performing Arts Organizations

I'm so excited!!! xoxo, E

A very special P.S.- Happy 21st Birthday Roomie!!! I love you!


  1. Momma Millie (haha)August 24, 2009 at 12:51 PM

    Don't forget Will's Birthday too.