Friday, October 9, 2009

5K? You ok?

two... miles... down... one... point... two... to... go...
huff... puff... huff... puff... the room is spinning...

Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit. I ran 2 miles straight at the gym last night... my first time EVER doing that! It had been two weeks since the last time I ran, and I must admit that I'm pretty proud of myself! The big 5K is in 24 hours!! Eek!! Hopefully my "training" (hehe) will pay off... and if not, then my determination to finish strong will kick in!

Mere and I are really excited to support the church's work in Swaziland... "100% net proceeds go toward ministry efforts in Swaziland that include community water projects and sponsorship of teams to go to Swaziland to partner with medical, educational, compassion and construction projects."

I think I might buy new shorts and an Under Armour jacket for tomorrow's run. Momma... Papas... care to fund that purchase? LOL.

On a little bit of a different note, God has been teaching me SO much through the series we are doing at church right now on Nehemiah. I feel like He has laid out a very clear path for me, and I've got my running shoes on to follow Him. It's such an amazing feeling! I am the kind of person that needs the approval and endorsement of others, but God is teaching me that He is enough!

Happy Friday! xoxo, E


  1. Haha, I do fund your purchases. Remember your monthly allowance;-)
    More importantly, I will make a donation to your run.

  2. Pappas says...

    Momma beat me to the punch (of course, since she gets up every morning long before the rooster crows). Don't tell Momma but I will also fund your new outfit!

    Because as we all know, "It is better to look good than to feel good" saith Lorenzo Lamas (Google it, young folks! Billy Crystal SNL)

    Seriously, your heart always shows through and I am so proud of you in running for this cause.

  3. Opps, I am getting old. My memory is failing. It was Fernado Lamas not Lorenzo. And the word in "marvelous" Duh!