Sunday, October 25, 2009

Retail Therapy + Day with Friends = STUPENDOUS Saturday!

Yesterday was a perfectly, perfect way to end a not-so-hot week. Although it was only a 3-day school week, the week was not an easy one.

I started the day with lunch with Marcus. After a yummy sandwich, we were off to the mall to do some retail therapy. First stop was J. Crew. Luckily, M still works at the crew, which allowed me to get this coat (in black) for 60% off! LOVE it!
Next, we went to Banana and Gap and did some more damage...

I got this in Purple

This is much cuter in person. Marcus said it'd be perfect to wear to an OSU game... Now all he has to do is take me to a game!!
(hint, hint M!)

I'm hoping to get these when my next paycheck comes through. (Shhh... Momma thinks I'm going to put all my paychecks in savings... hehe, kidding Momma!)

This will be an "on sale" or "on the 60% list" purchase, but SO cute!

(Express... it's SO comfortable!!)

The night capped off with a group of us spending an evening at The Pollard Theatre to see a couple friends in "Rent." It was such a great show! I'm pretty sure I fell in love with Lyonel every time he sang :) He's a younger version of Taye Diggs.

Once I got back to campus I decided to tackle some domestic tasks... I started my laundry and decided that it was time to dust my room (don't judge, but it was the first time this semester... the dust bunnies were having a sock-hop on my dresser) and clean my bathroom (NOT the first time of the semester, LOL). I did DEEP cleaning and I switched my closet from spring/summer to fall/winter.

It's now 3:30 am on Sunday and I'm finally off to bed! Good night/Good morning! The phone will be on vibrate and the blinds are closed... hopefully a solid night's sleep will follow!

xoxo, E

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