Thursday, October 22, 2009

maybe, maybe... HOPEFULLY!!!

Well, my friend Marcus announced on his Facebook today that he will be going to the Billy Joel/Elton John concert in OKC the day before Thanksgiving. I am SO jealous!! I have a major crush on Billy Joel (well, his music) and am DYING to see him in concert. As I was sulking today, I got online just to see if there was any chance another city on the tour might be within easy flying-distance. To my utter-GLEE, I saw the following:

The rumors are true. Beginning in March, Billy Joel and Elton John, will reunite for their Face 2 Face tour and continue the most successful and longest-running concert pairing in pop history.

"I love touring with Billy. I have the greatest respect for him and we're such good friends," Elton said. And "the great thing about performing with Elton is that he is such a good piano player and that makes me have to dig deep to keep up with him, not to mention I've got the best seat in the house-only one piano away from Elton John!" said Billy.

I am praying, praying, PRAYING that a new city will be nearby. Heck, I'll drive to see Billy!!! And I loathe driving! Maybe tickets can be a birthday present Momma and Papas??

Wishing, hoping, thinking, and praying!!! xoxo, E

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  1. I think you better talk to your brother. Remember who got us tickets on 10th row center for The Eagles "Hell Freezes Over" tour?!