Wednesday, October 21, 2009

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I sat here for quite a while this morning and thought "what in the world do I title this post?" and then... "how should I even start this post?"

Well first, the positive... I had a GREAT weekend at home. Like AH-mazing. After landing on Saturday, the parents and I went to Manzetti's and had lunch. The Texas/OU game was on, and I actually paid attention and knew what was going on! Woo hoo! After, we went to Southpark and did some shopping (love!)... followed by a manicure and pedicure. Man, I love being home! It's so relaxing.

I slept for 13 hours Saturday night... WHAT?! It definitely made up for the 2 hours I got Friday night. And then we headed Uptown to see Nic and Sean in "Beauty and the Beast" at Imaginon. I love my friends! They are SO talented!!

Monday was a pretty chill day with some more shopping (love going to Luna!) and errands. I got to spend some time with Sean since it was their day off from the show. He has so many amazing opportunities coming up! So proud!

Yesterday was the dreaded day of returning to OKC. I'm a senior in college, but the tears always start flowing on travel day. The "funk" has been hard to get out of this time though. I was real teary last night and woke up feeling pretty blue this morning. Thank goodness it's only a three day week. That should help!

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! xoxo, E

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  1. "GO MARY" 's MomOctober 21, 2009 at 9:46 AM

    Enjoy everyday you have at OCU! It passes too quickly, college life is the BEST!