Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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After a very interesting Tuesday evening (and I use the term "interesting" loosely),
only 6 hours of sleep (I usually need 8 - minimum),
waking up with incredibly puffy eyes and an overwhelming feeling of insecurity,
realizing I only have a banana in my apartment for breakfast,
plugging in my Chi hair straightener and finding it is completely dead (come onnnnn!!!!),
and wanting Mommacita to be here NOW (rather than being patient for 10pm)...

All I want to do is climb back in bed and skip all my classes,
pretend the world doesn't exist for just a few hours,
complain about anything and everything,
lash out at those I love (just being honest here folks),
and - clearly - be someone other than who I strive to be (aka - positive, pleasant, and kind).

BUT when I logged onto Twitter this morning, I saw something that gave me hope that I can rise above these feelings - even though it's going to be very, VERY difficult

"I will not let the way I feel today define the way I act"

Chin chin to having the strength to rise above! xoxo, E

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  1. What a wonderful reminder, Wombs! We all have days like that and I certainly hope your day gets better :) Love you!