Friday, October 8, 2010

My week...

I am a proud JCrew employee... my bank account is an ashamed and all-too-frequent casualty of this...

At work on Sunday, we were doing the morning routine before opening the store and I found this lovely crack in one of the fitting room mirrors... don't worry, I was instructed to fix it with packing tape... If this whole "finding a job" business doesn't work out, I think I've got a good future at The Glass Doctor ("call the glass doctor, we'll fix your panes.")

Kimmy and I had a lunch date at the mall and I fell IN LOVE with this BCBG coat at Dillards.

After sending a pic to Mommacita... then the price... and then a text about all the cute dresses in Dillards, she responded like so:

Side note... I wonder if the parentals would be more willing to buy me one of these coats from the Crew since my discount would make them SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive than the above BCBG number... hmmm... let's see what kind of comment they leave on this post! LOL

I must admit, Momma does indulge my habit... I got the BEST surprise in the mail this week! Check out my new Henri Bendel weekender bag!
I'm ready to go somewhere... anywhere!!! I love this bag!!

(as you can tell, I couldn't even wait to get home to open the box!)

I'm SUCH a cool kid... it's a fact.
Ate my lunch in the library's media room on Tuesday watching a video for my World Civ class (although, I'm thrilled b/c our Monday class sessions are cancelled to give us time to watch the movies to discuss on Wednesdays! Holla for an extra hour and a half of sleep on Sunday nights!)

ANYWAY, the media room - is tiny first of all - and it has every kind of media player ever.
2 tape players... and one is ANCIENT looking

A turntable...

And I don't have ANY idea what this is but had to take a pic anyway! LOL

Probably the BEST part of my week was applying for Graduation!

Check it out!

Funny: "How well do you think your undergraduate experience at OCU prepared you for your career?" ... I'm sorry, why is "not applicable" an option? I'm pretty sure it applies to all grads.

Not so funny: Having to check "no" to the question "Have you accepted a job offer prior to graduation?"
You better believe I'll march back in there and change that should that status change! And I'm praying it does!

I just needed my advisor's signature to be done!
And praise the Lord... she signed it!!

That's about all for now - Happy Weekend!!
xoxo, E


  1. I would consider purchasing the one-of-kind coat for you if there were not double digit coats already hanging in your closet! haha

  2. 'tis true... I may or may not have stopped counting the number of coats in my closet when I got to 12 :-\

  3. Yay for the application! I tried to get mine signed, but I knew they couldn't until after my defense. Le sigh. CONGRATS!!