Saturday, October 9, 2010

What a weekend... It's already Monday?

I had quite the weekend. It seems like Friday was so long ago.
My Fridays are usually pretty boring - one class and the rest of the day is free.
I decided to go to the mall and just walk around - and I did it successfully without spending any money!!
I fell in love with these shoes... and they'd both be under $200! Gosh, at times, I love Dillards.

I had to actually try on the coat I fell in love with last week - especially since it is now 30% off!

I got a call Saturday morning that the roomie locked her keys in her car while at 7/11. It was Elizabeth to the rescue - with the help of OCU PD!

Doesn't she look just thrilled?? hehe

Pulled out a giant clothes hanger looking thing

SUCCESS!!!!! Note to Kell: have dad bring the spare key when he comes this weekend! lol

I worked at the Regatta Saturday evening. The new Devon Boathouse is really pretty. OCU's rowing and canoe/kayak teams did a really great job! And the weather was perfect!

The night ended with a pretty awesome firework show

Momma sent me pics last night of the new window treatments for the kitchen!

Dont' you just love them?! I'm not going to recognize my house when I go home for Thanksgiving, lol.

M and I took an impromptu trip to Pops! after Church/lunch yesterday.

He was making fun of me on the drive because I called one of the dams at the river "that big dirt looking thing" and I FREAKED OUT when I saw longhorns in a pasture. I have never seen them in real life. It was pretty cool :)

Anyway, Pops! was fun

I got a Cheerwine (totally reminds me of home) and he got a Round Barn root beer... then we drove to see the historic round barn - did you know it's one of the only (or maybe THE only) round barns still in existence? hahaha - he's got all this useless knowledge and it's so funny to see his excitement of passing it along.

Mommacita will be here Wednesday night through Saturday! SO EXCITED TO SEE HER!!!

xoxo, E

p.s. happy 24th anniversary to Mommacita and Papas today!!


  1. So many things going on in Miss Elizabeth's world!! I am obsessed with that coat! It looks gorgeous on you!!

    How exciting that your mama is coming to stay with you for a few days! I'm sure you can't wait :)

    Happy Monday, doll! xx

  2. EEEEK! We are totally meant to be friends!!! I have that coat!!!! I was fortunate to find it at the BCBG outlet in Gaffney last year before my move to NYC!!!! It is seriously a WAY cool coat. You look H-O-T!!!