Friday, October 29, 2010

OSU Homecoming - a weekend late

Last weekend was OSU's homecoming -- unfortunately the game on Saturday didn't go as hoped -- Nebraska ran 80(ish) yards and scored a touchdown at one point. Yea... Get 'em next time Cowboys!

M and I drove to Stillwater on Friday night for "walk around"

I cannot get over the detail and extravagance of the house decorations! Have you heard of micro-pomping? Well, I'm not EXACTLY sure how it works, but it's essentially taking paper and poking it through chicken wire to create these scenes (if I'm wrong, please feel free to leave a comment and correct me! LOL)


LOVED the Mrs. Potato Head!

You could ACTUALLY read the text

This is the winner of the house decoration competition -- rightfully so! This poster is comprised of individual "dots" of paper -- look at the detailing!!!

Loved the facebook page and the GIANT camera -- which was pomped as well!

I really loved the black and white Cowboy player!

Love this scene of the football players too!!

Okay, this tree was the COOLEST thing ever. They actually dug a hole in the ground and the tree GREW out of the ground, then went back down. I was AMAZED!!!

Can't wait to go back to Stillwater next weekend for one more game this season!!!

xoxo, E

p.s. I apologize for my absence -- planning on doing better! promise :)

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