Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Upper Crust, Check!

Well, I started this post with the intention of talking about M's and my dinner date to Upper Crust (one of the restaurants on my list of places to try) and then I realized that I haven't shared the last few restaurants that I've tried! Shame.

I talked about Red Rock Canyon grill (went there with M and Papas) in a post, but ever so briefly... and of course, because of the nature of the evening, I totally forgot to take pictures of the food! Shame, twice.

M and I had lunch at Cafe 501 last week. I had a salad and M had a chicken caesar wrap. Again, forgot to take pics. I want to go back though so I promise to take pics... especially of the inside of the restaurant, such a cool atmosphere!

Okay, back to the purpose of this post.

It was absolutely delish! And the company wasn't bad either =) M got back from DC early Sunday morning and we had dinner together that evening to celebrate his return and one month of being more than "just friends." Naturally, I was enamored by our conversation and totally forgot to take pictures of the food, but I stole a couple from the internet. LOL.
We started with the

(photo: The Food Dude)

Next, we split both the

and the

It was absolutely OUTSTANDING!!! Much better than BJ's pazooki (if you've ever had it)

On their menu, UC promises:

And boy do they deliver. Everytime I blinked my drink was getting refilled. Everyone was so kind and thanked us as we left. And our waiter Matt was phenomenal. Although, M did say, "Don't you just love it when the waiter flirts with you and acts like I'm not even here?" I almost died laughing.

While still in the restaurant, I tweeted about our experience... and it go re-tweeted!

I can't wait to go back! xoxo, E

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