Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A little late...

I'm a little late on this post... I promised you a reflective and "serious" post... well, it's changed a bit.

I'll make it short -- I'm in my last semester of college (4 weeks and 1 day until graduation) and I decided I didn't want to be involved in any leadership roles, etc. for the semester. A total contrast to who I actually am. Well, it took me until midterms to realize that I am not me without the creativity, the leadership, and let's face it, the stress of being crazy busy and involved.

I was also incredibly frustrated with the job search. I was getting some great feedback but most places needed to hire right away. It's been amazing to watch God work. He has opened an amazing door for me at the university -- and He keeps opening doors to make the choice undoubtedly clear. As I said before, I will be the inauguration manager for the ceremony and surrounding events for the new president Judge Robert Henry.

I am incredibly excited about this opportunity -- and the chance to have 4 more months with my friends in OKC. Don't worry, I've already started pulling pictures of offices and desks that I want to use for inspiration! (Although, I'd be perfectly happy with a chair and lap-board in Kimmy's office, hehe)

I realized how lonely I am today for my girlfriends -- I had lunch w/ Chels and talked to the other third of "the EB girls" (Jess) tonight on FB chat. Man, my girls are a gift from God!

I did some Christmas shopping (I made a vow to not shop until the end of the semester -- excluding Christmas shopping of course) today and had some great success! I can check almost everyone off my list! Hooray!!

I'll be posting pictures tomorrow of the apartment with the start of Christmas decorations! =)

xoxo, E

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