Friday, November 5, 2010

"So Long, Farewell"

It's a sad day for our office -- it's Charlie's last day!

Kimmy and I love having our pal around... and we LOVE freaking him out with talk about clothes, makeup, Kimmy's wedding plans, etc. I will miss hearing him say "I am a BOY!!"

I put together a "going away" bag for Charlie and gave him the following last week:

An Alvin and the Chipmunks coloring book -- with crayons

Strawberry Newton's

The button seen in this pic which readers "Hi, my name is 'Charles' or 'Charlay' and my heard belongs to Elizabeth & Kimberley" -- I loved that he wore it in the office after I gave it to him!

I also made him this tissue box -- we are the "Stars" here at OCU -- and the tissues are for all the tears he'll cry when he leaves us!

The final gift in the bag was a little princess figurine -- to remind him of me of course! The best part is that you put me (aka the princess) in water and I grow up to 600% my size!!

There I am!

Charlie sent me a picture of what I looked like after being in the water for 24 hours... EWWWW!!!! My response was "take me out! take me out!"

I'll miss you Charlay! But don't worry, your phone will continue to blow up with text messages from me!!

xoxo, E

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  1. The Best going away blog ever!!!!