Sunday, November 28, 2010

Heading home... from home...

Momma and I had a great girls day yesterday!

We drove to Gaffney and did some shopping at the outlets then hit up Peppermint Forest for some Christmas tree shopping.

After, we went to pinkberry for a yummy treat!

Check out this new addition to the Newton home!

I started working on the tree for my room!


I agonized over deciding which pieces to choose, but I LOVE the result!
Check out my new topper!

Finished product!

Momma made about 12 of these ornaments with different scenes, but the manger is my favorite!

I also did Papas' tree!

Heading back to OKC today! 2 weeks and 5 days until graduation! Eeeeek!!!

xoxo, E


  1. Oh la la! I just love the Pinkberry and the PINK tree!!! How cute!???? Xoxo-BLC

  2. I adore your trees! So pretty! Want to come over and do mine?! Love you, Wombs!!