Saturday, November 14, 2009

CELEBRATE good times, come on!!

Today is a very special milestone!!! I have been cancer free for 3 months!!

The whole experience was so surreal... but it's been three months and all is well! Granted, I have a 4-inch scar on my back and I'm much paler than I'd like to be. However, I'd rather spend more money on bronzer then have another Melanoma diagnosis.

I'm so blessed to be surrounded by an amazing support system. My parents let me cry and cry and cry and then encouraged me to get back up. My friends were great when I first got the diagnosis and then with my surgery... they sent text messages and called to check up on me. Even now, they're supportive and get excited for my 3-month milestone!

I am such a lucky girl! Praise the Lord for his healing hand!

xoxo, E

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  1. Congrats! I've only been reading your blog for a short time, and was not aware that you had been dealing with cancer, what news for you!