Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm a turkey... who is trotting...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine was simply fabulous! The day started with the Turkey Trot in Charlotte. The weather conditions were foggy and cold, but I was determined to run the 8K.
I was SO nervous, but my goal was to finish, to run the entire thing, and to (hopefully) finish in 50 minutes.
Before we started the 8K, there was a 1 mile fun run... to try and stay warm, we cheered on the runners.
Luckily, we took some pictures pre-race (because I was not so cute after the run)
There were SO many people there!
Can you see me in the crowd?! Hehe
I didn't want to show any pics of me running, but I'm so proud that I finished, I had to include at least one.
I'm the purple blur!
My finish time: 44:39!! I beat my 50 minute goal... as well as my "dream goal" of 45 minutes!!

I've decided that we will NEVER drive on Runnymede Lane ever again... running those hills was the HARDEST thing I've ever had to do... we are boycotting the street!! Oh, and the last stretch of the race was a hill as well!! ahhh!!!!

After I finished, we drove to Raleigh for family Thanksgiving. It was so amazing. I ate way too much (especially, sweet potato casserole), but it was oh-so-fabulous!!

Momma and I got up at 4am this morning and did "legit" Black Friday shopping! We were at Target at 5am and got some GREAT deals!! I got $3 Chefmate appliances for my (future) apartment including: a toaster, a mini crockpot, and a sandwich maker. I also got a $15 blender, a $29 George Foreman grill, a $25 standup mixer, and some movies for $3.99 and $8.99. Wahoo!!!

I'm absolutely exhausted now, so I'll probably be lame and turn in early tonight. It's time to start a Christmas countdown: 27 DAYS!!!!

xoxo, E

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  1. wow, you have been busy! i admire your running and your ability to wake up so early to go to target. that is dedication!