Monday, November 23, 2009

Team Cobra - SUCCESS!

Your mission... should you accept... is to acquire the "it" item for kids this Christmas season. It's sold out in stores and online, and the projected re-stock date is February 2010.

So, this isn't exactly what Momma said when she called me, but it's the gist. We ended our conversation by saying, "Team Cobra is on the prowl." Don't even worry, I'm the best secret agent ever! I set my eyes on a prize and I go in for the kill! Okay, enough Charlie's Angels talk. Let's just say, I got incredibly lucky and found the last "it" item on the shelf.

I called Momma and said "O.M.G."
"Did you find it?!"
"Oh you bet I did!"
"You're the bestest daughter ever! You can make your Christmas list as long as you want!!"

So, in the spirit of my accomplishment... Here is the (newly) extended wish list:
New Uggs in either black or chocolate brown

This gorgeous pearl cluster necklace from J.Crew
A bracelet from the Crew to go along with my current pearl necklace obsession
I love this sweater, from J.Crew as well
And of course this chocolate brown puffy vest from J.Crew!
Oh, and just one more teeny, tiny, purchase...

Okay, well hopefully you've realized that this wish list is an exaggerated joke. Obviously, I would love these things for Christmas, but my true joy comes from spending time with my family. It also doesn't hurt that I know the parents have already done my Christmas shopping and they are excited! (I am too! I love surprises!!)

xoxo, E

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