Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shopaholic much?

I've had a few (thousand) Becky Bloomwood days... the main character in the "Confessions of a Shopaholic" books (and the movie adaptation by the same name).
These are days when the excitement and glitz of shopping completely overwhelm you, and you become completely enraptured by the experience...

I've had those days. Yet, I've never admitted the severity of these experiences... that is... until last night.

My friend Chelsey and I went out to dinner to catch up and after about an hour of updates and "omg! that's so exciting!" moments, we moved on to the topic of shopping and spending far too much money. We both have jobs (Chels is actually working two jobs and making pretty good money) and we both have shopping habits. Although, I must admit, listening to Chels talk made me feel MUCH better about my problem. Is that a sign of addiction? You downplay your own habits by highlighting the severity of other's? Hehe.

But ANYWAY, we got to talking and laughed until we cried at some of our stories. For instance, I told Chels that we have gotten to the point with my closet that the "skinny hangers" are a NECESSITY (as is the extension rack in my closet), otherwise I wouldn't have room for everything. I can barely open my dresser drawers, and I have two under the bed storage units. Chels has two closets full of clothes, as well as 4 racks at home. See! I'm not that bad! Hehe

My favorite part of the evening was the "when the credit card bill comes" conversation began. I told Chels that I will immediately go into panic mode and think "How in the world am I going to find X amount of dollars to pay off this bill?!" Sometimes I have to go crying to mom and dad and sometimes I give up eating. Kidding, but kinda serious. Chelsey and I discussed how we love to eat out, but sometimes it is simply necessary to eat a turkey sandwich at home. And when the bread runs out, you just eat the turkey!

My other favorite is when frugality is the method of coping. For instance, when my credit card bill enters the 3-digits I suddenly decide that the $1.08 redbox movie might not be a great idea this week. Or, I'll run my makeup brush around my bronzer container a few times to get those last specks of powder so I don't have to spend $20. But then, I decide to go to the mall and blow $40 on two necklaces. "They were on sale!" But that $20 powder (which I need more than the jewelry) was simply too much to endure. Chels is wanting to do a tanning package for $40 but thought she better not spend the money... so instead, she bought 2 pairs of boots. "I didn't think it was a good idea to spend $40, but for some reason it seemed logical to add another 0 on the end and spend $400!! What was I thinking?!"

Needless to say, by the end of dinner we decided that we should never go shopping again... and then we promptly made a date to go shopping during finals week! Hehe. I love girl nights!

Now it's time for an early flight to migrate East!! Look out parents! Here I come!! xoxo, E

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