Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spread too thin...

It's official. I'm spread too thin.
Over the past two weeks, my calendar has filled up with so much STUFF. I'm pretty sure I have made every single one of these faces because of various situations...

I always try to take advantage of every situation, but that results in being over-committed. I feel like I'm spiraling out of control a bit. Thank the LORD Momma and Papas will be here Thursday! I need to be loved-on by the parents!

Pretty sure I'm going to have to take apples to some teachers after this week. I chose to take a shower instead of going to my 9am class on Monday. And yes, it was a choice of one or the other. It sure didn't help that I saw my professor on the way to my 11am. Luckily, she has a good sense of humor and made a spectacle of the situation in the hallway... in front of a lot of students... and my 11am professor. LOL. Moose, this apple is for you!

Happy Wednesday! xoxo, E

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