Saturday, November 21, 2009

I love the weekend!! Yes I do!!

The weekend before a break from school begins is always my favorite. There is something inherently relaxing about it. This is especially true for the weekend before Thanksgiving break. After two days of complete relaxation, there are two days of school. Yet, similar to the two days prior to Thanksgiving in high school, there isn't much going on in classes.

I've been very productive this week and finished the major project for my Entertainment Business class last night... 57 pages later! woot!!

I've been to office depot twice in 24 hours!!! hehe. I bought 3 new sharpies (I got to pick my colors from a WALL of sharpies!!), a pack of legal pads (blue, purple, and yellow), a binder and page protectors for my EB project, color ink, etc. etc. etc. I love knowing that I help keep Office Depot in business!!!

I also purchased a new running outfit for my 8K on Thursday!! It's SO cute but I am SO freakin' out about my Turkey Trot!

With all the fabulousity, there is something tragically sad in my life this weekend... my dear, sweet, amazingly awesome roomie is in St. Louis for the weekend. (How was that linds?! I've been chastised for not including her in the blog recently, lol) She is visiting her sis and having an absolute blast so far! Oh! Linds, I think I'll listen to In the Heights today in honor of you and Caroline!

Hopefully your weekend (and subsequent plans for the week of Thanksgiving) will be wonderful as well! xoxo, E

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