Friday, August 13, 2010

Belle of the Wall makes me a better friend

Starting Belle of the Wall has made me a better friend.

It's true.

Double-mint got her first "big girl job" as an elementary music teacher in OKC.

D-M is quite the creative teacher.
She has 5 rules for her classroom, and the first letter of each rule spells "music."

We went to Hobby Lobby today to pick up some supplies for her classroom; She has done some great work already!

I received a text this evening that said:

Turns out I've become quite the scissor aficionado thanks to all my time creating Belle of the Wall pieces.

There's a reason double-mint and I are double-mint twins... we are both crazy organized... and can we talk about how much of a teacher she is?! She brought me the following:

A diagram of the specific colors for each letter...

The ROY G B (no IV) construction paper...

I used the pen she got me from Disney to create the cut-outs...

And the finished product is complete!!

Glad I'm able to leave my mark in her classroom... plus it's great to help out a pal!!

xoxo, E

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