Monday, August 2, 2010

I don't even know what day it is

Today was the first work day in 10 weeks - except for one week in June - that I did not go into the office. It was very bizarre. At one point today I thought, "What day is it? Is it Saturday? No. It must be Monday because Hobby Lobby was closed yesterday." (Shows how often I visit HL, lol)

It has been a supremely productive day.
I worked on some new Belle of the Wall pieces:

I also put together about 10-15 pieces for the Hems & Hers trunk show that CB so graciously invited me to be a part of.

Last night I started the dreaded packing process. Clearly, I didn't get that far. This is just one dresser drawer and the floor of my closet. Eek!

Gina, over at Hiyaluv, tagged me in a "questions" post and I just finished it. To read my answers, click here.

I HAVE to share this story. Mommacita is tutoring a 9th grader who is originally from Kenya. She has been telling me about him all summer and I finally met him today. Folks, let me tell you. I have never been so entertained. Momma had told Ali that I placed in the 5K race I ran last fall and after hearing I came in third, he replied, "I would have come in first." Momma wanted to say, "DUH! You're from Kenya!" But she is far too classy to say that, instead she threw me under the bus and said, "Ali, I'm sure you would have." Thanks Mommacita! Hehe, kidding.

Well, today, Ali and I were talking about my running and he said that he has run a 5 minute mile. My mouth dropped open and I said, "The fastest I've run is like an 8 and a half minute mile." He shamed me instantly by saying, "Come on Elizabeth! You should be able to run faster than that." I wanted to burst out laughing. This is my kind of kiddo. Instantly friends and saying exactly what he thinks. Many (many) more humorous comments were made throughout the remainder of our conversation, but they just simply will not translate via the web...

... the POINT of the story is that now he has presented me with the challenge to run a 6 and a half minute mile by the time I come home for fall break. In my mind I'm a Kenyan; in my legs I'm a white girl who just wants to survive!

Well, I think that's all I've got to report for the night! Off to watch The Closer & Rizzoli and Isles with Mommacita! xoxo, E

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