Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last & First Days....

It's weird. My last summer vacation is over. Celebrated in a big way by taking a road trip with M to Dallas on Saturday. We hit the road at 7am and headed straight for Highland Park Village.
Gotta love Dallas traffic

No secret that I'm a cupcake lover... I follow Sprinkles (as well as Crumbs, Georgetown Cupcake, and Cuppies & Joe) on Twitter. We had 30 minutes to kill before Sushi Zushi opened for lunch, and after seeing the secret phrase had be tweeted by Sprinkles for a free Vanilla cupcake, we thought, "why not?!" I love free stuff... especially a cupcake! Thank you Sprinkles Dallas!

Check out this sushi menu... yea that's not intimidating. And that's
just a list of the ROLLS!

My last first day of school went pretty well yesterday. Can't complain. The classes should be pretty manageable.

My MW Biology class is supposed to go from 6-9pm, but the professor told us last night that we will only stay late on Wednesday nights. Hooray for finishing at 7:15pm on Monday!!! =)

Also, I love being back in the office with Kimmy and Charlay. We had a lot of fun catching up yesterday. I have missed them terribly!

Charlay is the one that got me hooked on Dexter and One Tree Hill. He passed along season 7 of OTH for me to watch, so that'll be today's entertainment during lunch. Hooray!

I've bragged on Mommacita quite a bit with her recent re-decorating. Last night she sent me pictures of the new window treatments in my room at home. O-M-G have you ever seen anything cuter?! I'm so in love and wish I was actually home to enjoy them!! Way to go hottie!! =)

(p.s. I sent Momma a text full of pride that she installed the treatments herself, check out the drill at the bottom of the above picture!)

Off to the second day! Only 2 classes and 4.5 hours of work! xoxo, E

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