Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Whew, it's wednesday

You know how the end of summer flies by?
Well, that hasn't exactly been happening since I've returned to OKC.
I quite like this pace. I feel that I'm getting to relax a bit while still fulfilling my obligations. Good balance!

I must report that the no processed/packaged foods is going swimmingly thus far. I haven't really missed those foods. The RAs got food from my favorite sandwich spot yesterday and while it was a bit bummed I didn't get my BBQ Baked Lays fix, I didn't really miss it. I just might be able to do this!

As for the budget, it's going pretty well. I keep laughing in certain situations because all I can think is "who am I?!"

For instance: I worked at the J.Crew on Monday and we unpacked a bajillion (yes, I'm exaggerating) boxes of new product. This is always my favorite time to work because I drool over the new products and start making my "to buy" list. Well, I fell in love with a sweater, vest, jacket, skirt, and tights. During my 15-minute break I tried on the jacket (which I actually blogged about here) and it was too big... also, the wool around the neck was itchy. Rather than grabbing another size I simply said, "It's too big. I don't want it anymore." Budget success!!!!

Another example: I was driving over to the mall yesterday to pick up something for Mommacita and I noticed how tragically chipped my manicure had become. I was going to M's apt straight from the mall and knew that I wouldn't be able to stop fixating on my nails. I thought I could stop by Walgreens and pick up remover but didn't want to waste my budget money on that since I have two bottles at my apt. Instead, I went to the Chanel counter, tried some polish on 2 of my nails, and then asked if she had remover. Don't even worry, I made that one cotton ball last all ten nails! Hahaha.

Only caveat to my above story... I am now in love with "Dragon" and "Paradoxal" by Chanel. lol

Working the RA desk from 11-12 today then hopefully watching season 4 of Dexter!! xoxo, E

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  1. Oh My Word! You are your Momma's daughter. Your Papas on the other hand would have bought the remover AND the two polishes. Well, not ACTUALLY remover and polish as I don't use them, but you know what I mean!!!!

    For those that don't know me, it means I would have bought the iPad (32 Gig of course), the MacBook Pro AND the 27"iMac!