Monday, August 2, 2010

My wish list - what holiday is coming up?

I haven't written a "wish list" post in quite a while... why? Well, after quitting my paying job to make more time for my internship/personal health, I just couldn't bare to look at my favorite shopping spots. I definitely had to stay away from the Ja-Crew website because after benefitting from the wondrous employee discount, I couldn't even look at full price without feeling faint.

As summer comes to an end, it's time to go back to work (can you hear me singing "money, money, money, MON-NAY!") and time to start a new wish-list... what holiday is coming up? hehe.

Buckle up, here we go:

1. This Tory Burch cross-body bag is the creme de la creme and meets every requirement on my list (I've been looking for a camel colored bag for QUITE some time now)

2. I'm absolutely in love with Kate Spade clothing. And I especially love how each piece is shown in "real world" context. This could SO be me... well, if you substitute that coffee for a DDP!

3. This Kate Spade beauty combines my current obsessions with purple and ruffles! (notice the cupcake? Hello?! It's me!)

4. I love these salt and pepper shakers by Jonathan Adler. How adorable would these look in my apartment?!

5. And now, onto J.Crew's Fall line (disclaimer: I am still adamently disappointed that the crew has moved away from it's classic prepster look, but I do love these collection pieces)

Loving this fur-collared vest

yes, Yes, YES to this coat!

Aching for a leather jacket. Love the rocker, yet feminine, style of this one.

Oh. M. Gee. I love this jacket/sweatshirt/pullover - thing.

Okay, these shoes are a purchase that I can probably, actually afford! I love them in brown, but feel that black is a more practical purchase for me at this time. Too cute!

And, my oh my, I love these shoes too. JCrew is stepping it up (pun intended) with the new footwear.

Alrighty, time for bed. Tomorrow is my last full day at home. Tear. xoxo, E


  1. J Crew is my obsession. I love everything about their fall collection. The Edie Beale-goes-to-Girl Scout camp theme is just amazing!!!!

  2. Oh, Elizabeth! We could be great friends! Any friend of CB is a friend of mine and she has eluded to how wonderful you are! I too am obsessed with new Fall wear especially from J. Crew, but have been trying to refrain from looking for fear that I might whip out the plastic.

  3. This makes me so psyched for fall. Opaque tights, rich colors, bold patterns, I love it!