Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm Baaaack!

We're back from tour and what a BLAST! I don't think I've ever laughed so hard or so much. Also, I do not think I have ever learned so much in such a short period of time: I helped focus lights from 50 feet above the stage (in the cove), I learned how to work a manual sound board, and I helped in the fastest Load-In/Setup/Strike/Load-Out ever!!! :) Of course, because we worked 18-hour days four days in a row, we didn't take too many pictures, but here are a couple:


Katy (who I affectionately nicknamed "Lemur Katy") climbed up the booms in the balcony to focus the lights. I wish I could explain to you how CRAZY that is... No harness or anything! We also had these awesome temporary headsets that made us feel like we were in the Secret Service, and of course we took pictures that reflected this sentiment.

We took a pic of our whole crew (Amanda, Amanda, Me, Steve, Michelle, Jenn, Brianna, and Katy) after our wayyyyyy late meal after strike at Denny's. We were all SO proud of our badges and had to show them off :)

Okay... so this one needs a teeny tiny bit of explanation: On the drive up to branson we started to get slap happy and the statement was made (probably by me, I can't remember) "I wonder how many twizzlers you can stuff in your mouth" Well, on the drive back we decided to have a competition of how many bluebird peeps we could stuff in our mouth. Amanda and I decided we'd take on this task. This pic is the very start of the competition. Let's put it this way, there was a lot of laughing and stuffing. Because of my laugher I only achieved 3 bluebirds... Amanda got FIVE!! However, this was one competition I was more than willing to lose. CONGRATS Amanda!!

So now I'm back at school and it's time to face reality (aka schoolwork, YUCK) Happy Friday! -E

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