Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Olden TYmes...

Did you participate in the TY Beanie Baby craze? Oh I did... It was B-A-D, bad. But I had fabulous parents that indulged my desire to collect these plush pals. My very first beanie baby was Daisy the cow. Unfortunately, I ripped the tag off her ear before I knew you were supposed to keep them on the beanie baby. We frequented the Hallmark stores and auctions to find all of the newest, and retired, beanie babies. I was a lucky kid. 

But why bring this up SOOO many years later? Well, funny store. I was sitting in my World Civilizations class on Tuesday and a friend was talking about an animal found in the northeast. I misunderstood the name of the animal... Me: "Jeff, what is that?" Jeff: "Gosh, how do you describe a puffin?" Me: "Oh wait! A puffin?! I know what that is, there was a beanie baby of a puffin." The uproarious laughter that broke out cannot be described. My laughter was fueled by the fact that I just attributed my knowledge to that of a beanie baby, and Jeff's laughter... well who knows... he was probably just laughing at me, as usual...

In case you didn't know... this is a puffin...

 But anyway, this situation caused me to reminisce about my Beanie Baby days... As I sat down to post this blog I had to ask the roomie what her favorite Beanie Baby was... drum roll please... it was the hippo :)

This little guy was a gift from her sister Caroline. He went everywhere with Linds until one day he met his fate, in the form of a puddle...

And in honor of the upcoming Easter holiday, I must include one of my favorites, which happens to be incredibly appropriate. 

Momma will be here in less than 12 hours!! Yay!! She told me that she has the Easter eggs packed in her bag!! Easter Egg hunts get so much better as you get older :) Candy has been replaced by CASH!! :) 
Have a great rest of the week!

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  1. Elizabeth, loved this. One of my friends mom had hundreds of beanie babies all over her house! it was awesome
    Loved that Lind's Hippo made the blog. I think I am now in the dog house because you have mentioned Linds more than me!!
    Have a great Easter!
    Your blog friend,