Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reality TV infiltrates our lives

Have you ever noticed how TV shows infiltrate your daily life? 
For example: Meredith, Lindsay, and I went to the storage unit last Saturday after we packed up some of our stuff for the summer. Because of the hallway we went down, we were unable to turn on the hallway light. Luckily, Mere had a flashlight app on her iPhone. She held her phone by the lock as I tried to unlock it. In the middle of this situation, I started laughing and said, "I feel like we are the terrorists on '24' right now and are trying to break into this unit before Jack Bauer shows up." 

Another example, I was texting my dad today about some of the stress I'm feeling at the end of the semester. His response: "Sounds like celebrity apprentice." "Yea, my Donald Trump knows about Dennis Rodman's performance." "And does Dennis know you are Ivanka?" And this convo totally made sense to us!! We knew what the other was saying without having to actually say what was going on!! LOL 

Well my to-do list, like the show, must go on. Have a terrific Tuesday! 
-Ivanka (aka E)

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